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CAIR Director Jaylani Hussein Targeting and Intimidating Minnesota Churches – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

CAIR Director Jaylani Hussein Targeting and Intimidating Minnesota Churches

On Monday, August 6th at 6 pm Calvary Baptist Church presented a showing of “Chrislam Exposed”, sponsored by Truth in Love Ministry.  The main speaker via video was Pastor Shahram Hadian, leader of the Truth in Love Project. 

A Christian pastor and former Muslim, Shahram Hadian travels around the nation speaking on critical issues facing us as Americans. The simple mission of The TIL Project is to courageously speak the “truth in love” on issues such as the true goal of Islam and threat of Shari’ah Law in America. He exposes the lie of Chrislam (the false claim that Christianity and Islam have a common god and a common word).  His goal is to restore awareness that America functions as a Constitutional Republic, and his hope is to advance an atmosphere for Revival . 

One hour into Pastor Shahram’s presentation two men walked into the building and sat in the back.  Third Rail Talk was informed and were provided a picture of the two men; Jaylani Hussein, Executive Director of CAIR Minnesota was identified as one of the two men in this photo. 

Who is CAIR?  The Department of Justice has named CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) a self-described civil rights group, and an unindicted co-conspirator in its prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation which provided support to the terrorist group Hamas. Click here for all the facts relative to this case

CAIR has done pretty well in Minnesota exploiting the Minnesota nice (Minnesota naive?) culture.  CAIR has shamelessly teamed up with neo-Marxists in their efforts to infiltrate the power structures in Minnesota. 

Why should we pay attention to Jaylani Hussein showing up at events such as the one in Cambridge? Because this is the method CAIR uses to start the implementation of the philosophy of Sharia. This organization targets and  intimidates anyone, especially churches, who dare speak out concerning Islam.  Or in this case “Chrislam”,  which is a deceptive hodge-podge of theology that strives to bring unity between Christians and Muslims through discovery of some “supposed” common beliefs between the two. 

The event with Pastor Shahram Hadian’s via video was clearly advertised as an apologetic seminar aiming to “expose” the fallacy of Chrislam.  Jaylani Hussein did not go to the Calvary Baptist Church meeting to learn something new.  He knows very well who Shahram Hadian is, and what he teaches.  Back in April, Pastor Sharam’s event in Minnesota was cancelled because CAIR supporters threatened the organizers of that event with violence.  The police ultimately advised that the event be cancelled.

During the break at Pastor Shahram Hadian’s presentation the men were approached and asked who they were.  Jayalni Hussein identified himself. Our sources tell us that some of the attendees left the event concerned for their safety.  A deputy showed up at the scene as a discussion between Jaylani Hussein and one of the attendees started to get heated. 

Clearly, Jaylani Hussein feels empowered politically, to the point he feels he can police Minnesota churches, to monitor what they say… and ultimately meet with his approval. This is nothing short of Sharia policing and Jaylani Hussein knows this very well.  His organization CAIR, is nothing short of a political front using the language of freedom… to destroy freedom.

Back in April Jaylani Hussein spoke at an event in Stillwater.  He denied that his organization or supporters had anything to do with the cancellation of the events. Third Rail Talk has a video from this event. Now Jaylani Hussein has come out of hiding and is openly beginning to police Minnesota when it comes to our freedom to criticize Islam.  Legislating an environment of not speaking anything against the teachings of their prophet is of paramount importance to Muslim operatives like CAIR, HAMAS, and Jaylani Hussein. 

It is a responsibility for us to ask ourselves what would happen in Minnesota if citizens decide to protest the Islamization of America by desecrating pictures of the “prophet” of Islam (who according to Islam’s holy books murdered and mutilated people as he saw fit). 

It’s because of caricatures like the one below Muslims in Europe have been killing people for years. 

Muhammed farve. tegning : KW

Is this what we want for Minnesota? 

Just who’s side are the Minnesota authorities on anyway?  Who are our Minnesota and U.S. Congressional representatives supporting anyway? What are they supporting?


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    • Brad G.

      The United Arab Emirates had already discovered and declared CAIR a terrorist organization. It’s funded and backed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  1. MaSands

    Hmmm…..”SJ” ‘s comment coming beneath SUCH an article, sounds ominous. Can I know what was the import of it? Someway, somehow? Please? You’ve got my main e-mail address; and I myself AM on FB, as Ma Sands, profile picture of me in my beloved brown, hooded cape. 🙂

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