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Doug Wardlow Destroying Keith Ellison’s Campaign on Twitter – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Doug Wardlow Destroying Keith Ellison’s Campaign on Twitter

A couple of days ago I did a little bit of analysis of Keith Ellison’s twitter account and demonstrated how his Twitter influence has collapsed completely!

Thank you also to Laura Loomer for helping us get the word out – not only about this but helping inform Minnesota voters who Keith Ellison really is – a serial domestic abuser (two women have now documented the abuse they have suffered by him); danger to national security due to his ties with terrorist organizations, as well as his racist, Marxist agenda.

Okay, let’s take a look how Doug Warldow is doing relative to Keith Ellison’s campaign on Twitter. Ellison has his personal Twitter account which we already demonstrated how it has collapsed in recent weeks, but he also has a special Twitter account called “Keith for Attorney General“.

Doug Wardlow is the Republican candidate for Attorney General of Minnesota. A family man with impeccable professional, legal and political career.

But let’s see how Doug Wardlow’s and Keith Ellison’s campaign square off on Twitter. 

Ellison’s campaign has almost 5 times more followers.

What we see here is shocking!

Ellison has almost 5 times more followers compared to Doug Wardlow. Almost 5 times, okay!

He has been tweeting 6 times more than Doug Wardlow…

But look at this!

His average likes are almost 20 times less than Doug Wardlow!

Doug Wardlow’s retweets have been retweeted more than 10 times more than Ellison!

But look at this – Doug Wardlow’s engagement rate DESTROYS Ellison.

Clearly, Ellison’s account is fake, just like he’s fake. Maybe he has hired some Russian bots or some Muslims bots to generate fake followers, who knows. But even this is not helping him because real people in Minnesota don’t seem to like Ellison at all.

Now consider this – Ellison has been now in politics for how long? He has gotten tons of free press and has a lot more name recognition – for all the bad reasons of course. But even so, Doug Wardlow’s Twitter account totally destroys Ellison’s Twitter Campaign.

And as we know Twitter can be a pretty good indicator where things are doing with public figures especially after the 2016 elections. President Trump has been dominating Twitter since. It’s pretty clear that Minnesota doesn’t like Keith Ellison, his following on Twitter is fake and his influence is collapsing – on social media as well as on the campaign trail.

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