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EVIDENCE: Google Covering Up The Ilhan Omar Citizenship Scandal In Search Results! – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

EVIDENCE: Google Covering Up The Ilhan Omar Citizenship Scandal In Search Results!

  • Online search for “Ilhan Omar Citizenship” seems to be manipulated when using Google Search vs. other search engines
  • Who is trying to hide Ilhan Omar’s citizenship scandal?

As most people know, in this day and age search engine results can mean the difference between a smashing success and complete failure for a business or an individual. Google Search dominates the search business with some 80% of people using them to do their search.

But how legitimate is it?

Is Google’s search technically superior or is someone at Google taking sides and interfering with the political process in America today? If they are, should we even be using Google Search knowing they manipulate the search results? The following is a true story that involves our own situation. Take a look at the evidence I’m presenting here and you be the judge. Today it’s this situation, tomorrow it might be your website, business, church or non-profit organization.

Here’s how this story goes: one of our contributors, AJ Kern, published the results of her investigation of the Ilhan Omar citizenship scandal. I know, it’s hard to keep up with all of Omar’s scandals (we’re not sure at this point if this is even her real name; there’s evidence that it might not be), but bear with me.

You can read the story about Ilhan Omar’s citizenship fraud right here. One day after the original video of this investigation was published by AJ, Ilhan Omar’s staff changed her date of birth on Omar’s official government website. Very interesting, wouldn’t you say? And a sheer ‘coincidence’, according to her staffers.

Few days ago I noticed a good amount of traffic coming in to our website from the search term “ilhan omar citizenship”. So I decided to see what’s going on and performed the following test – I searched for “ilhan omar citizenship” and “omar citizenship”. They produce somewhat similar results which is amazing since there are many Omars in the world.

You can perform this test for yourself but this is what I discovered using different machines, different operating systems, browsers and even physical locations.

Based on my tests it seems like Google is manipulating the results for the search phrase “ilhan omar citizenship”.

Google search result for “Ilhan Omar Citizenship” buries results from Third Rail Talk. Other search engines don’t.

Regardless of the browser, operating system and the physical location used, Google buries the result from ThirdRailTalk.com somewhere on position 69 or so.

All other search engines (Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo) produced similar results: ThirdRailTalk.com’s post about Ilhan Omar’s citizenship ranks right next to Wikipedia and Snopes – sometimes higher than Wikipedia and Snopes, sometimes right below them. But it is consistently ranking in one of the top 10 positions.

When using Yahoo our results come up right next to Wikipedia’s entry for Ilhan Omar.
Top position for ThirdRailTalk.com on Bing for search phrase “ilhan omar citizenship”
Top position for ThirdRailTalk.com for search phrase “ilhan omar citizenship” when using DuckDuckGo

Not only is Google diverting traffic away from ThirdRailTalk.com when it comes to “Ilhan Omar Citizenship” but probably 90% of the results on Google on this subject (“ilhan omar citizenship”) are from left-leaning websites.

We are just a small Minnesota-based citizen media. We write, podcast and shoot videos about what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears in Minnesota. Nothing more, nothing less. AJ Kern did her homework, did the research and presented the results in a very professional way. We’re not aware of any other media, corporate or citizen media, to have done any kind of research relative to Ilhan Omar’s citizenship. Google seems to be cheating us out of our well-earned top position in this search category in favor of Omar who wants to “monitor” white men in America. Is she monitoring us? Who else is she monitoring?

Clearly someone at Google is very nervous about the possibility of another Ilhan Omar scandal breaking through the Minnesota media information blackout – this one involving her citizenship. Someone is nervous this might expose her fraudulent political career even more. Sure she has done much damage to her own political career better than anyone else could have ever done. But changing her date of birth by a whole year on her official government website speaks volumes. Something smells big time here and someone at Google wants to bury it just like the Minnesota media has been burying the Omar story for years.

Also, let’s think about the implications of this new type of Big Tech meddling for the 2020 elections. If Google is cooking the search results in favor of Ilhan Omar who is just one of the many leftist political hacks currently trying to bring down America, who else are they protecting and promoting?

Recently a high-ranking Google engineer came out as a whistleblower and confirmed our worst fears – Google and Big Tech are taking sides in the political process and are planning on stealing the election from Donald Trump in 2020.

Third Rail Talk is the first Minnesota citizen media to be banned on Twitter and Facebook. What’s happening on national level is now here on a state level. Today it’s Third Rail Talk.

Who will it be tomorrow?

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Thank you!


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