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Ilhan Omar: Hijab Today, Full Burqa Tomorrow? – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Ilhan Omar: Hijab Today, Full Burqa Tomorrow?

  • Ilhan Omar has declared that she will seek to overturn a rule that has been banning the use of hats and head covering in Congress. 
  • Sees America as “dangerous”. 
  • Pushes fundamentalist Islamic agenda.
  • Muslims and Ex-Muslims around the world have been fighting the use of head coverings as a symbol of oppression. 
  • Citizen Petition calls upon Rep. Omar to respect US Congress.
Ilhan Omar: Hijab today, full burqa tomorrow?

She hasn’t even started her work as a legislator but she’s already confirming our worst fears about the agenda she brought to Washington from Minneapolis. Ilhan Omar has declared that she will fight to overturn a 181-year old House of Representatives rule which bans the wearing of hats and head covers in Congress. In her own words:

Ilhan Omar ran a campaign declaring that America is a “dangerous” place. In her sit down with MPR and Jennifer Zielinski before the midterm elections she said:

“Right now our country is at a really dangerous crossroads. We get to decide what kind of country we want and what leaders we want representing us in Washington. I came to this country hearing about prosperity and better tomorrow for everyone and that’s what this country promised. I believed that America would be a place that had the tools neccessary for people to reach prosperity, lead a happy life. Shortly after I came here I realized that wasn’t the case.”

MPR Interview, Oct. 23, 2018

Turns out shortly after Ms. Omar came to America she began to realize America is really a terrible, dangerous place which lacks the “tools” neccessary for people to reach prosperity and lead a happy life. One can’t help but wonder why she didn’t escape this dangerous place? It sounds like she’s describing Somalia, not Minnesota. Dangerous place, no tools to lead a happy life…In other words, America needs help. And Ilhan Omar is going to Washington to fix America so that we don’t live in danger anymore.

How will she do that?

First thing on her list is to start fighting the rules by which Congress has been abiding for generations like the 181-year old rule banning the use of hats and head coverings. As if changing this rule and allowing Ilhan Omar to parade her head covering in Congress would make America less dangerous and will definitely deliver the tools neecessary for people to be happy. Is this what she was elected to do in Washington? If she ran a campaign on such agenda, how would the voters have responded?

“Hi, I’m Ilhan Omar and I’m running for US Congress so I can start polarizing, causing division and going after rules that have served Congress well for 181 years!”

Now let’s talk about the head covering issue.

Ilhan Omar is wearing the head covering because of the following commandment in the Quran:

“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies.”

Quran (33:59)

According to this commandement, Ilahn Omar is obeying the Quran only partially since she is covering only her head at this point, not the enire body.

But who’s to say she won’t become more zealous in her efforts to obey the Quran fully in the next few months? She might decide at any given point to do exactly what the Quran demands.

Hijab today? Full burqa tomorrow?

Anything can be expected of her now that she has declared her defiance against House rules.

But what have head coverings meant to Muslims historically? With all due respect to Ms. Omar, Islam goes way back and her opinions matter only to a point. It behooves us to take a look at the history of head coverings in the Muslim world and what it means to us today. Modern Muslims want to get rid of the hijab and bring Islamic cultures in sync with the 21st century. Ilhan Omar wants to impose on America a culture that belongs in the Dark Ages.

This graphic is from a British publication educating people on all the different types of Islamic veils and coverings for women.

Kemal Attaturk, the founder of modern Turkey banned head coverings with the Hat Law of 1925. While the law was aimed more at men women followed suit and got rid of the head scarfs. In the 1980’s the Turkish military banned the wearing of Islamic head scarfs for women, too.

“The burka is like a cage,” said Mahjuba, a 42-year-old housewife from Afghanistan who never learned to read or write. “I wish that the men [who want to impose it on women] could be trapped in this cage so that they can understand how much we suffer.”

The Tunisian Foreign Minister Abdelwaheb Abdallah has said: “the veil is a political slogan raised by a tiny group that hides behind religion in order to realize political goals… It is the distinctive sign of a hard-line, insular fringe.” [El-Watan, Algerian Daily newspaper October 15, 2006]

One of the most significant outward signs of imposing the fundamentalist Sharia Islamic Law is the head cover. Pictures from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan from pre-fundamentalist times reveal astonishing views of happy men and women going about their lives just like people anywhere in the world. After the rise of fundamentalism, the head covering police kicks into high gear and barbaric Islamic rules begin to govern every aspect of women’s lives.

This year has been particulary significant for Muslim women around the world who are fighting against the oppression imposed on them by the Islamic culture of head coverings. Tens of thousands of women have been posting pictures of burning their head coverings as a way of showing protest against this oppresive practice of fundamentalism.

Isn’t Rep. Omar aware of all this? Of course she is. But it looks like she is dedicated to a fanatical spreading of oppressive Islamic culture, not liberty. 

Vida Movahed, 31, arrested after taking off her hijab in public and standing on a telecoms box in Tehran in December – inspiring others to do the same.
Journalist and campaigner Masih Alinejad posted this picture of a woman called Shima Babei, who she claims was arrested yesterday in Tehran

Anoud Al-Ali, an ex-Muslim was one of many Muslims women who posted pictures of themselves earlier this year boldly announcing:

Rep. Omar knows how to use Twitter. She should check out the hashtag #NoHijabDay to see what Muslim and Ex-Muslim men and women from all over the world have to say about Islamic head coverings. 

Islamic head coverings have been banned in France since 2010 – and the ban was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights in 2016 after a 24-year-old French woman sued France, arguing that the ban on wearing the veil in public violated her freedom of religion and expression.

While Muslim and Ex-Muslim women in the US and around the world are fighting to get rid of the head covering due to its dark history as a tool of oppression, Ilhan Omar is bent on fighting Congress to allow her to flaunt this very symbol in a desperate attempt to show once again what a victim she is and what victims all Muslims in America are.

Is this why Ilhan Omar went to DC? Is this what the voters sent her to do?

Sign this petition and tell Ilhan Omar to respect US Congress and to do the work of a representative with the respect due to the US Constitution and the institutions created the defend Liberty, not to enslave people.

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5 Replies to “Ilhan Omar: Hijab Today, Full Burqa Tomorrow?”

  1. Trident

    Ilhan Omar needs to be jailed for her seditious behavior . Minnesota is eat up with stealth Jihad and creeping Sharia Law.. I have lived here for 22 years and have witnessed the ever creeping Muslim influence in our government. She has unlimited resources behind her . The Muslim Brotherhood which is basically Hamas ( a know worldwide terrorist organization ) probably brought her here to groom her for political placement here in Minnesota. Minnesota is full of communist traitors embedded within our higher echelons of government. With Waltz and Hakim (Keith) Ellison at the wheel look for sweeping changes here next year. You idiots put them in office ….now live with it..
    There are no warriors left in this country period…if they were people would be in the street demanding that this Muslim witch be run out on a rail.
    Want the truth about ISLAM …Dr Bill Warner …his books will wake you up.

  2. Patricia Moulton

    We need to continually use this narrative: Islam is a political system that uses religious elements to seduce people.

    Slaves brought to America were rounded up (think Boko Haram) and sold by Muslims. The Muslims sold 3-4x the number sent to America to the Arabs.

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