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Intentional Deception? The US Bank Stadium Management Clueless About Radical Imam Speaking at the Muslim EID Event – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Intentional Deception? The US Bank Stadium Management Clueless About Radical Imam Speaking at the Muslim EID Event

The stealth, “Super EID (or is IED?) Muslim, “feast of the sacrifice” national conference we first wrote about on August 9th, breaking the story nationally, and then again on August 15th, is set to take place at the US Bank (Minnesota Vikings) Stadium on August 21st and 22nd. And it will be in fact a National Conference, and not a “Muslim prayer” event as the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority will tell you if you ask them why isn’t this event listed on their website.

No coincidence here!

Scheduled to occur in the most famous physical iconic structure in Minnesota ..OUR Minnesota Vikings Stadium..(US Bank Stadium)..has been staked out for occupation now.50,000 attendees are expected (or unexpected would be the more accurate statement) and for this two day event (3 or 4 days, if you consider the arrival date before, as well as the departure date afterwards), which begins at 6 AM, and continues until 8:30 PM – according to their very recently created (July 14, 2018) “Super Eid” website.

Check out the video about the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifices YouTube semi-banned!

Pretty slick for them to wait until the very last month to expose (lack of transparency) the website.

This so called, “Muslim prayer” event, rivals that of our most recent NFL “Superbowl” in terms of numbers of participants, right along with all the logistical, “public safety”, and “Public security issues” that all of that “advance preparation” entails, to say nothing of the unexplained, and unaccounted for housing challenges (Minneapolis & surrounding area hotels), food service challenges, public health challenges in terms of 50,000 participants looking for toilet and basic hygiene facilities for four days, etc.

This, as opposed to a recently scheduled and created “Superbowl” in that same stadium earlier this year; requiring over a year to prepare, the citizens of Minnesota, as well as stadium management, and all the security agencies involved, have been given slightly more than one months notice, relating to the numbers of people expected to attend (50,000).

This short notice (Super EID Website) has also applied to the dubious and concerning list of speakers at this CONFERENCE (not a “Muslim prayer” get together, as advertised) including Ellison, as well as THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF EXPECTED ATTENDEES, intentionally hidden from Stadium, and Minneapolis City management until this week, when we blew the whistle on this entire scam.

And, the list of speakers for this massive (largest of its kind in the US ever!) “feast of the sacrifice”, are extremely radical and dangerous Muslim speakers, as well as our own Minnesota embarrassment, our “no borders” promoter – “no justice, no peace”, race baiting, accused serial domestic violence perpetrator, congressman, (keynote speaker) Keith Ellison (inextricably connected with CAIR, The Nation of Islam, MAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood)…

Strap on your liability seat-belt, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Board of Directors – General Manager, Patrick Talty and company, Director of Event Services, Billy Langenstein, and company, and the Minnesota Vikings Organization, as well…

Why has US Bank Stadium refused to publish information about the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifices on its website?

On Friday August 17 concerned citizens met with the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA). The MSFA was “established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2012 and charged with the design, construction, and operation of a new multi-purpose stadium now known as U.S. Bank Stadium”.

A number of questions remain unanswered by the Board of the MSFA Members & Commissioners:

  • Mike Veckich, Chairman
  • Bill McCarthy, Secretary-TreasurerBarbara Butts Willaims, Vice Chair
  • Tony Sertich – President: Northland Foundation (former MN House Majority Leader)
  • Laura Bishop / Sustainability Officer for Best Buy Corp.

One of the most important of these questions is who will be there?

• CAIR from DC? The Muslim Brotherhood?
• CAIR MN (HAMAS) & Jaylani Hussein?
• Keith Ellison? (Remember the 2006 US Air Flying Imam dust-up)
• Ilhan Omar?
• Linda Sarsour?
• The Dearborn Michigan Contingency?
• Louis Farrakhan?
• Other pandering Politicians?
• Who’s is paying for this?
• How much?
• Who actually signed the contract AND WHEN?
• Did you know it was going to be 50,000 people for 2 days straight from 6 am until 8:30 pm?
• Security? – Police – Fire – EMT personnel? Who’s paying for that?
• FBI? Homeland Security?  

The Jihadi imam from Egypt who will speak at the Muslim US Bank Stadium event. 

One speaker who will be there (as per the website of the Super EID event information) is the very dangerous Egyptian imam Waleed Al-Maneese. 

This imam is actually a “shiek” (higher rank than an ordinary imam). He is not an American, doesn’t speak English and comes straight from Cairo, Egypt, a trainee of the most radical Islamic institution in the world – Al Azhar University. They give doctorates for things like memorizing and reciting the Quran, as seem to be the case with “Dr.” Waleed Al-Maneese based on the scarce information available about him in the public domain.

Al-Maneese is a member of the senior member of the Permanent Fatwa Committee, of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America. This is an Islamic institution that passes fatwas (judgments). Islam is the law that observant Muslims follow above the laws of the country where they live. As such it has its own courts which pass on judgments, including death sentences for Muslims who abandon Islam or insult Muhammad. The mission of AMJA is to “clarify the rulings of the sharia which are relevant for those who live in America”. 

Al-Maneese’s institution has ruled that “zakat” (financial offerings Muslims give to their mosque) can be used for Jihad. This means that all Muslims who give donations to their mosques are potentially complicit enablers of jihad. 

Al-Maneese is the imam of the Bloomington mosque Dar Al-Farooq which became infamous with the bizarre attack by some individuals from Illinois, which attack the FBI has refused to define as “terrorist”. Translation: it was most probably an inside job. 

Does the Board of MSFA understand all this or are they clueless about the nature of Jihad?

Waleed Al-Maneese wages jihad through his function as an Imam. Jihadists aren’t only those who cut people’s heads off. Jihad is the “struggle” Muslims wage against all “infidels” (the rest of the world) and it can be waged in many ways, including through giving of money to the local mosque. The local mosque is not what the local church is to Christians. Mosques are recruitment centers and fund-raising hubs. Mosques are what Muslims used to pass the word around for this event in Minnesota. To organize 50,000 people for such an event without any advertisement whatsoever, there has to be a well-functioning network under “the radar”. This is how the Muslims operate and this is how their mosque system has been operating for centuries. More about this very dangerous man here.

Does the Board of the MSFA understand what kind of imam will be speaking at the US Bank Stadium? 

It was stated by “the Chairman” from the outset, that we were to have 2 minutes ONLY, and that this was not going to be a Q&A)

Some of the off the on record – and off the record comments by Members of the Board afterwards (all quotes):

• This is going to run only for a half day, each day…(Not according to the “Super EID website”)
• Somebody will lead a prayer, and then another guy will lead another prayer, and so on, and so on.
• No taxpayer dollars are being spent (for any part of the event – security included we presume)
• We cannot at this time tell you how much it was to rent the stadium, or who signed the contract
• When they leave the stadium (overnight stay) “they will probably go to the commons”..(Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis presumably)
• We have no concerns about security or public safety
• Are they sleeping overnight in the stadium (Answer: No!)
• Are they going to sacrifice any animal on stadium property? (Answer: No!)
• No acknowledgement of knowing that 50,000 people are coming this year
• Claimed that the previous EID events (Not “Super EID” – as in this year’s “Superbowl”), held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, was going to be the same as this event.  

(MCS Capacity: from “Auditorium” rooms – from 58 people… – to “Exhibit Hall” – max: 10,000 people.)

As of the writing of this article, US Bank Stadium has still not posted any official information about the Muslim event on their website.

Is US Bank stadium afraid of announcing officially that this event is taking place?

Or is this a case of Intentional Deception?While writing this post, we just got word that neither the MSP airport police nor the St. Paul PD have been forewarned about this event. 

And, the MN State Fair begins this Thursday.

Bob CarrilloCo-Producer, and Host of Third Rail Talk has hosted his own radio and TV shows in the Twin Cities for years and has served as a member of the Commissioners Advisory Committee at the Minnesota Department of Human Services from 1993-2000. He also served on various Minnesota state-wide task force committees attached to the Minnesota Department of Human Services from 1993-2000. From 1998-2002, he was a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Parental Cooperation Task Force. Connect with Bob here.

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17 Replies to “Intentional Deception? The US Bank Stadium Management Clueless About Radical Imam Speaking at the Muslim EID Event”

  1. SJ

    What about all the others coming into the US with a visitors Visa? How will we know if they leave? This should have never happened. Doesn’t a group need to have permits with this? I bet they do but we must find out everything.

  2. BattleReady

    Little by little they are infiltrating our country hoping to take it over. Look what they are doing to the UK and France.

  3. John

    If the true Americans do nothing then what can you say no one is protesting and Trump is allowing it to take place. This is totally wrong they know that these people are trained terrorists why are they even in the country. Let alone to speak in one of stadiums that Americans paid for. Are we as a country gone mad!

  4. Ted Nugent

    The globalists would love for the USA to go to civil war. Just as they pushed Germany and Japan into going into WW2, they have been pushing for conflict in the USA. The globalist, in all probability, will use the communist Russian (40% i-s-l-a-m-i-c) and the communist Chinese to invade the USA; not to mention any other country that will be easily manipulated to do the job.

  5. Muhammad Abdullah

    LMFAO you are all STUPID!! ????

    Most of the muslims who attended the PRAYER at the stadium yesterday are LOCAL to the Minnesota area.

    And this article is full of bullshit claims that you can NEVER back up because they’re lies. fake ass author… ???

    oooooooohhhhh the muzlums are coming oooooooohhhhhh ???


      • Muhammad Abdullahi

        Oh trust me. “Peace” goes out the window if threatened by a bunch of soft scary white Americans like y’all. Try me. ?

        • admin

          How and what exactly “threatened” you personally? We’re very curious to hear. We have only reported facts: Shell corporation organizing EID, secret shareholders, no registered agent, the imam of a mosque that has produced ISIS wannabe fighters to speak at the event. How did any of this fact-based reporting “threaten” you?

  6. Fred Hayek

    US Bank – yet another virtue signaling corporation from Minnestoopid. I stopped doing business with them due to their incompetence, and this is yet another reason not to do business with them. Is this also part of that state’s junior high mentality?
    I lived in that state for ten years.

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