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Social Justice Warriors and Neo-Marxist Ideoligues are monitoring, tracking and censoring us and other conservative-leaning social media accounts.  Support us by connecting with us via email and help us expose more out-of-control government corruption and treason here in Minnesota and in the US!
We investigate and produce hard hitting videos exposing corruption and treason
Supporting Third Rail Talk means you are supporting a citizen media project entirely based on the Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.
Social Media Impact
Becoming a supporter of Third Rail Talk means you have a share in the impact we have on Social Media. Tens of housands of people are being reached every month, and they are engaging with the content we put out. Above is a screenshot of our latest statistics from our Facebook Page. If we had to pay cash to achieve the same digital footprint, we would have to spend thousands of $$$ every month! But since our Facebook Page is such a viral success we don't have to spend any money, our investment boils down to the time and efforts our team of volunteers puts into this project.
For Liberty, it's worth it! Would you join us? 

We are partners with nationally recoginzed investigative reporter

Laura Loomer who is one of America's most fierce defenders of

Liberty and Freedom of Speech!

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