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The Beheading Jokes Of DFL Staffers – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

The Beheading Jokes Of DFL Staffers

  • DFL staffer makes a reprehensible comment on social media
  • Corey Day, Executive Director of DFL reveals violence is part of inside jokes of the DFL staffers
  • MPR reporter ignores

DFL Staffer and Keith Ellison attack dog William Davis has made comments that can only be characterized as a call to violence. Here is the now-deleted Facebook comment itself:

Screenshot of the beheading comment made by William Davis, DFL official

Calling for Republicans to be brought to the “guillotines” on November 7 is despicable and could serve as a real catalyst to violence, given the trend amongst Democrats like Maxine Waters and Eric Holder, who recently called for Republicans to be “kicked”.

William Davis, Mr. Guillotine himself

This is a good moment to remind ourselves of the fact that the very concept of terrorism comes from the Reign of Terror and the French Communist Revolutionary movement, which according to historians like Pierre Chaunu and Jean-Clément Martin, who have described it as a ‘genocide’, has claimed between 250,000 and 500,000 lives, most of which peasants.

Thus, whether we look at the history of the Left in the West or its Soviet-bred variant, violence is the hallmark of Leftism – it has always been and seems it will always be.

Doug Wardlow’s campaign condemned Davis’ call to domestic terrorism and called Ellison on it, too.

Any desperate attempt by the DFL and their supporters to show they will remove partisanship from the Attorney General’s office is laughable. Keith Ellison is the Deputy Chair of the hyper-partisan Democratic National Committee and they employ staffers who make these comments. Minnesota voters can see through their sham.

As disturbing and as reprehensible Wiliams Davis’ comment is, what are we to make of statements made by none other than Corey Day, Executive Director of the DFL?

Mugshot appearance of Corey Day, courtesy of mugshots.com

According to Tim Pugmire from MPR News, Corey Day, in what can only be considered a shockingly clumsy attempt to whitewash William Davis’ guillotine comments, reveals that in fact, such violent beheading comments are part of the inner jokes repertoire of DFL staffers!!!

“In an earlier statement, DFL executive director Corey Day said the comment was an inside joke among former co-workers. Day apologized and said Davis’ remark was “unacceptable.”

Excuse me?

Did he really mean to say this? Did Tim Pugmire really mean to report it? Did I hear right that the Executive Director of the Minnesota Democrats just disclosed that “inside jokes” amongst Democrat Staffers include “jokes” about beheading Republicans?

Was the “jokes” reference meant to somehow soften things a bit, as if to say “hey, it’s a joke, relax!” Because if this is what Corey Day thought he might be achieved, he failed!

Not only that but his ineptness and hypocrisy that should make any rational and coherently thinking person, be they Democrat or Republican, totally #WalkAway from the DFL or for that matter, any political party that makes light of making such “inside jokes”.

In the following paragraph, however, Corey Day tries to convince us that Williams Davis’ comment is “unacceptable” and that they hold their staff to some kind of a “standard”?

Wait a minute? Which is it? First, he tries to make light of it, disclosing the very disturbing fact that the “the comment was an inside joke among former co-workers”, only to denounce it as “unacceptable”. So how many other former co-workers were in on the beheading joke, Mr. Day? And how long have these jokes been circulating in the Minnesota DFL?

What if the Executive Director of the GOP had made such remark?

Would MPR’s Tim Pugmire report it in only in passing?

Or would it become a scandal, rolling on the heels of dozens of greatly indignant headlines in the Minnesota Left-leaning media?

As for Corey Day, I guess his nonchalant attitude about DFL staffers making inside jokes about beheading Republicans is not a big issue to the DFL. That’s because to them he’s just another very skilled individual, not a drunk who ends up in jail now and then.

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