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VIDEO: The Somali Factor In The Tent City Minneapolis Homeless Crisis – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

VIDEO: The Somali Factor In The Tent City Minneapolis Homeless Crisis

  • Homeless people, most of which Native Americans from Minnesota have formed a “tent city” right in the middle of Minneapolis.
  • Reports seem to indicate Somalis have been favored at the expense of Native Americans when it comes to affordable housing. Democrats who run the city have promised solutions but have done nothing.
  • Hear the homeless in their own words and see for yourself what mainstream media in Minnesota is suppressing from us. 

Only 2 days ago FOX 9 published a report they should be ashamed of! First, because now FOX 9 is “selling” to their viewers the idea that Hawala money transfer is something normal and good (it is not, there’s plenty of evidence Hawala money transfer is used to fund global jihad!) and second, because FOX 9 former-reporter-turned-CAIR-announcer Tom Lydon came after citizen media Third Rail Talk and smeared us by associating us with “right-wing extremist groups”!

Here’s  “the other” Tom Lyden FOX 9 doesn’t want you to know about, the guy who got charged a few years ago with a misdemeanor for theft! That same Tom Lyden has never apologized for his actions to a point he had to be condemned by the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists because:

“Professional journalists cannot and will not condone these types of actions in pursuit of this story.”

But this was many years ago, someone might say. Well, let’s see what kind of “reporting” is Tom Lyden into these days?

As per our observation, Tom might not be breaking into people’s cars and stealing their private property in pursuit of a story these days, but he’s sure busy being a mouthpiece of HAMAS, a.k.a. CAIR, as well as breaking ethical boundaries by lying about Third Rail Talk and associating us with “right-wing extremists groups”. [Click here to watch our video commentary on the Fox 9 smear.]

The Broken Promises of Minnesota Democrats

Now that we’ve addressed the FOX 9 smear, let’s talk about the actual subject of this post: the video exposé “Broken Promises” which Third Rail Talk produced in partnership with investigative journalist Laura Loomer. “Broken Promises” clearly shows what our mission is: to give Minnesotans the real news about issues the mainstream media won’t report on due to political correctness. You know, third rail kind of stuff!

You can watch the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Please subscribe and share, we depend on you, our readers to help us get the word out about these stories!


[Yes, hanging out with the homeless is exactly what you would expect from “right-wing extremist groups”, right?]

Clearly, there are those in the media who won’t flinch at spinning false narratives about how great and compassionate are shady Somalian “Hawala” money transfers, even while ignoring the real problems of the city! Do-nothing Democrat, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fry has been talking encampment situation solutions since at least September but has done nothing for the people. 

Why don’t we talk about the real extremists in Minnesota, FOX 9? The ones who get Section 8 housing before the Native Americans, drain fraudulently tens of dollars from Minnesota taxpayers, sponsor Global Jihad, and also breed jihadists who travel to the Middle East obsessed with fanatical Islamic bloodlust?

Is this the kind of America we want?

Please help us with our efforts to grow a fact-based citizen media that won’t shy away from stepping onto the THIRD RAIL of issues critical to our survival!

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