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The US Bank Muslim Event Fact Sheet – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

The US Bank Muslim Event Fact Sheet

Fake News spreading lies again, accusing and insulting regular people for digging up facts about the Muslim event and asking questions. 

The Fake News Media Complex which has been been fighitng President Trump since 2016 is running to the rescue of their darlings, the Minnesota imams.

The public outcry which followed the viral success of the story www.ThirdRailTalk.com broke on August 9th sent the peddlers of Fake News to start writing stories trying to label our citizen media reporting as “Not Real News”.

Thus, we would like to offer the following US Bank Muslim Event Fact Sheet to anyone who is trying to sort out facts from fiction. 

“About what one can not speak, one must remain silent” 

Ludwig Wittgenstein


We at www.ThirdRailTalk.com informed the public what Muslims all over the world do on “The Feast of the Sacrifices” (Eid al-Adha). They slaughter animals in a particularly barbaric fashion. The very NAME of their “celebration” has to do with SACRIFICES! They have been doing this for ages. We produced a video based only on facts. YouTube crippled it! It can still be seen, who knows for how long. (You have to click on a button confirming you “understand” the great danger in seeing this video and then YouTube lets you in). They hide the views, which are now visible only through the admin panel and currently stand at over 17,000 views. 

Click here to watch the video YouTube is suppressing.

Sadly, the ritual slaughter of animals is a historic fact!

Anyone who disputes this HISTORIC FACT is either ignorant, a liar, and a propagandist, and wilfully blind.  How about if we ALL simply start telling one another the truth relating to all this nonsense?

Whether the Muslims who are organizing this event will sacrifice animals at the US BANK stadium or not, is UP TO THEM to make their position clear, if they are even capable of doing so, ands not up to anybody else!  However, they have not, to this day, disavowed the animal sacrifice practice of Islam.  Anyone taking notice?  Therefore, until they do, the public has every right to be concerned.

We would be very thrilled if there are indeed, no sacrifices taking place, on or off the U.S. Bank / Vikings / Stadium property, or anywhere for that matter. However, there are a myriad of interrelated and serious concerns!  Not, simply relating to this event, but the amalgam of endless manufactured challenges this “culture” would appear to be shoving down the throats of all Americans today.

Muslims must DISAVOW this practice themselves! This is their responsibility, not ours!  Last year, in Bismarck, North Dakota, of all places on the planet, there was just such a public Muslim sacrifice of animals.  Fact!  Not fiction.  Not some imaginary story or fairy tale.  Just another part of this never-ending nightmare we have imported and brought upon ourselves it would seem.


We simply informed the public that Muhammad has COMMANDED Muslims to sacrifice animals as a part of the “traditional EID “celebration”.  A celebration? This, sadly, is a historic fact! READ THEIR BOOK! Anyone, who disputes this HISTORIC FACT is either ignorant, a liar, and a propagandist, and or wilfully blind.

“Life is all about choices” as they say.  ..We choose to embrace honesty and even a difficult truth about all of this.

If Muslims are embarrassed by the barbaric, cruel and scary nature of their beliefs and practices, it is their job – not ours – to reform their beliefs and practices! To that end, please feel invited to join us in the 21st Century and leave the 7th Century behind.  We have!

Only Muslims can reform Islam and make it compatible with the West and America – and no one else.  If they CHOOSE NOT to reform, or CHOOSE “NOT to assimilate”  (No thanks, says: Linda Sarsour – Ilhan Omar – Keith Ellison – and all the rest), we have all the reasons in the world to interpret Islam and view Muslims in the very same light connected to what they have already done, and continue to do for the last 1,400 blood-stained years!


We informed the public (the truth!) that the organiser of this event at the US Bank Stadium is a SHELL CORPORATION (on paper only), registered with the MN Sec of State only on July 14 of this year. This is of course INTENTIONAL.…Secret shareholders – no names, no registered agent; shady businesses at the address, and even a vacant lot for one address listed.

This is a fact! Anyone who disputes this FACT is either ignorant or a liar, a propagandist, and wilfully blind. 

…Again…”a choice”..

Let’s repeat this: The SECRECY of the planning of this event is a FACT and, from the perspective of “Public Safety” and public inconvenience, is outrageous!

– NO ONE has seen the contract US Bank signed as of yet. This is a fact!

– NO ONE knows who signed this contract, when and for how much does this event cost. 

– Police (Taxpayer Cost) knew almost nothing relating to this massive event, UNTIL YESTERDAY (the day before the event, involving a potential 50,000 people (per the Super EID web page) attending this event until yesterday (we checked and the Police have confirmed).


Lastly, we informed the public that a man from Egypt who is a dangerous pro-Jihad imam will speak at this event as a keynote speaker (not a prayerful presentation I would wager)!  This man and his rhetoric, and ALWAYS in Arabic for reasons of stealth I have deduced, is ALWAYS incendiary, and anti-American, anti-assimilation, and anti-civilization—and ALWAYS, anti-modern-day-civil society.

This dangerous Egyptian who is a pro-jihad imam is featured as the main speaker at the Feast of the Sacrifices Event. This is fact!

This is the classic personification of HATE SPEECH, a “hater”, and unrelenting incitement to replace OUR United States, and all that entails, with his version of 7th Century based “sharia law”.  

This is a fact! Anyone who disputes this FACT is either ignorant, a liar, a propagandist, and or wilfully blind.

We hope for the best here.  However, we must ALWAYS prepare (MSFA chairman Mike Vekich) for the worst given the secrecy and the past history of what happens when inspired Muslim mega gatherings like this take place – especially given the fact that this event was virtually unheard of until we broke the story nationally on August 9th!

This is no accident.

Thank you to all our friends and supporters for standing with us as we have and continue to relentlessly document and present the FACTS about this scandal, the players, and all the connective tissue applicable to this enormously important issue!  The Truth!  …As is true of “jello”, there is always room for the TRUTH.  Especially today..

I (we) have no desire to become the disaster “NO-GO-Zones”), and violence saturated cultural cesspool(s), that is present day Western Europe, the UK, or many parts of Australia…  None at all.  Sweden is now the “rape capitol of Europe”, for a horrible example..

Just 2 years ago, 30 Somali men—for three days in a row, chased (on foot and with vehicles), attacked, and threatened to “Kidnap and Rape” Minnesota women at our own Lake Calhoun park.  (I have the police report).  …THREE DAYS IN A ROW!  Nothing was done!  No press conference, featuring Mpls. Mayor Betsey Hodges, CONDEMNING the attack of these women.  No “interfaith dialogue” proponents, demanding “justice”. No Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison, Governor Dayton, Al Franken, or Amy Klobuchar!  ..There was no condemnation of this BARBARIC attack by MN CAIR director Jaylani Hussein either.  Nothing!

The list of barbaric attacks and assaults of one kind or another, connected to all of this, is now, far too long to recount here – just occurring in the last 5 years alone..

We refuse to live like this!  Not without an honest assessment of these very real problems WE ALL FACE today.  Not without a proper complaint!  Our children and grandchildren can no longer go to The Mall of America and BE safe.  Please note that I did not say, “feel safe”.. It has been allowed to be turned into a very dangerous place now.

Again, we refuse to live like this! 

Please visit our Patreon page and join our citizen media network as we widen our reach and footprint locally and nationally.

Tips are coming in from all directions and we have a feeling there’s a lot more coming where this (The Feast of the Sacrifices) came from.


Bob Carrillo & The Crew @ Third Rail Talk

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