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VIDEO: Minnesota Protests Against Keith Ellison And His Violent Past – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

VIDEO: Minnesota Protests Against Keith Ellison And His Violent Past

On September 1st the DFL hosted a BBQ at Minnehaha Park to “celebrate Labor”. The organizers were calling Democrats to “Join Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, SD63 DFL, CD5 DFL, and DFL candidates up and down the ballot on Saturday, September 1st to celebrate the invaluable contributions of the American labor movement.”

But some other people had also decided to join the party, albeit uninvited. 

Minnesotans from all walks of life had gathered to protest against Keith Ellison and his violent past. With home-made signs, high energy and determination, the protesters reminded the Democrats who had come for the BBQ that Keith Ellison’s violent past is a problem that cannot be overlooked by anyone, Republican or Democrat. 

Laura Loomer, an investigative journalist known for ambushing the likes of Hillary Clinton and James Comey, also joined with the protesters and in fact took the lead with a megaphone that looked just right in the hands of this firebrand. She had already published a police report she dug up, clearly showing the records of a 911 call implicating Keith Ellison of committing an assault. 

But now Laura had come to town in person, wanting to ask Mr. Ellison about these allegation to his face. Third Rail Talk teamed up with Ms. Loomer for the event and our camera caught the action first hand. 

Even though Twin Cities “Big Media” TV teams were there covering every single detail of the protest, none of this footage made the evening newscasts. Mr. Ellison’s victims, Amy Alexander and Karen Monahan’s names were not mentioned by the media either. 

Amy Alexander originally published her story in a publication called “The Wright County Republican”, which website seems to be now defunct. However, a copy of the publication can be seen here

Our video from the protest shows WCCO and the camera guy of another major network (someone said it was the Fox 9 guy) in several different frames. In the end, as our group began to leave the event, the alleged Fox 9 camera guy began filming us, which felt creepy to say the least, given the fact that the group of protestors was already almost gone.

Take a look for yourself.

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