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Putin’s fake free speech media

Here we go again…Is the West in trouble? RT (Russia Today) to the rescue! In his case RT prints yet another unsigned piece commenting on Jordan Peterson and Canada’s leftists embarrassing themselves yet again.

Leave it to RT to speak freely about the problems of…Western societies. Leave it to RT to give the Western liberal left a tongue lashing like we could only dream a “normal” media outlet in the West would do…

And all the US conservatives happily go on to share RT stories, thanking God there’s still such a pro-freedom of speech media platform.

But wait, who’s RT again? The work of some great journalistic genius, a robust entrepreneurial maverick like Matt Drudge? Some Hillsdale College graduate who started a blog while on campus and it grew into a media juggernaut?

Nope. “Russia Today” is a government propaganda machine subsidized by the criminal operation of the self-appointed champion of free speech in the West – Vladimir Putin!

Oh, and by the way its founder, the former member of Putin’s government ministry of propaganda and oil magnate Mikhail Lesin was found dead from a “blunt force trauma to the head” in 2015 in a hotel room in Washington DC.

You see Russia, let alone Putin himself, can’t teach the world anything when it comes to free speech. A country that has never respected free speech inside its borders is now somehow a champion of free speech in the West? You have to be a special kind of disoriented to believe this! What’s next, the Chinese Communist Party airing Alex Jones’ videos?

This is the same reason today’s Russia (pun intended), Putin being both its product and producer at the same time, can never liberate another country. Not Crimea, the Ukraine or anyone else! A country that has never allowed its own people to be free is incapable of freeing any other people! Let me say that again.

A country that has never allowed its own people to be free is incapable of freeing any other people!

Which is why a country and a dictator like Putin who have never respected freedom of speech inside of Russia can never be trusted with being the champions of free speech outside of that miserable place.

Freedom of speech doesn’t need Communist thugs to be its godfathers. Freedom and liberty are both inalienable rights that come from God.

Western politicians and media who refuse to honor this sacred right enshrined in the US Constitution, need to be dealt with. We, the people need to deal with bad actors the way America has dealt with bad actors one the inside for over 240 years: through the political process and through freedom of speech. And if we need to fight to restore freedom of speech, we will figure out how to do that, we don’t need some insane KGB officer helping us.

What has Russia been doing in the last 240 years? Practicing freedom of speech? Allowing its citizens to create the kind of free society they dream of?


It’s one bloody story after another.

Russia’s story in the last 240 years is the story of crushing its own people and drowning in their own blood every and any attempt of theirs to live a better life, to have freedom of speech, economic freedom and every other kind of freedom you can think of.

In the last 500+ years Russia has been the story of one Russian tyrant after another exploiting its own people and warring with other empires as a means of conquest. Neither have its own people have ever been free, nor have they freed anyone else. Things like the rule of law or a constitutional republic have never been more that empty rhetoric in the rulers’ toolbox of international diplomacy.

So what does Putin care about freedom of speech in the West?

As long as he can profit from the internal bleeding of the West he will play a doctor while he’s killing us. He will also play a chef while he’s serving us poison. He’ll do anything to weaken the West while he’s playing best friend of free speech advocates. Don’t fall for it!

His grandfather was a personal cook for Lenin and Stalin! Can you think of a more loyal Communist? Of course not. Putin is proud of his Comminist heritage. He loathes America and the West. He only likes freedom of speech if it exposes the crooked Western politicians. He will only play a champion of freedom of speech if it weakens further the divided house of what used to be known as Western Christendom.

In the mean time, freedom of speech has been totally destroyed in Russia and Putin has cleared the way for him to be a dictator for life without any internal opposition from critics. They are all dead, in prison or overseas. Here’s a partial list.

Does such a character seem like a likely champion of free speech?

Think again!

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