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CONVICTED: Keith Ellison’s Traffic Law Violations While in Congress! – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

CONVICTED: Keith Ellison’s Traffic Law Violations While in Congress!

Unpaid traffic tickets were a major issue for Keith Ellison when he ran for Congress in 2006. So much so, that his campaign had almost collapsed due to the loss of support by Minnesota voters. 

It was at this point when Ellison went to the Somali community in Minnesota and asked them for help. He desperately needed 10,000 new voters. The Somalians gave him their support. They didn’t care about Ellison’s history of disregard for the law like other Minnesota voters. 

Thus Elisson became the first Muslim Congressman in US Congress thanks to the support he received by the Somalis regardless of a police report documenting his assault of Democrat staffer Amy Alexander with whom he had an affair, unpaid taxes, and many traffic tickets. 

But Keith Ellison’s ongoing history of traffic violations hasn’t changed! Investigative journalist Laura Loomer has brought up to the surface the fact that both times she has confronted Keith Ellison in person, he has been driven around by someone else. 

This last time around, the car that Mr. Ellison used to arrive at the TPT studios in St. Paul had a license plate from Washington DC. 

Ms. Loomer promptly noted the following in a tweet

On Friday, September 21st, Keith Ellison appeared on a live debate relative to the Minnesota Attorney General, televised by TPT, Minnesota’s Public TV. Investigative journalist Laura Loomer and two dozen Minnesota voters of diverse racial, religious and party affiliation backgrounds were expecting the candidates in front of the TPT studios. Doug Wardlow, the Republican candidate for Attorney General arrived promptly at 6:30 pm through the main entrance of the studios where he was greeted by his fellow citizens. 

Keith Ellison managed to sneak in through a back door, avoiding contact with voters, amongst which were also survivors of domestic abuse.

On his way out, however, Mr. Ellison was confronted by the protesters who brought to his attention a 2005 police report from his assault against former Democrat staffer Amy Alexander and medical records from 2017 documenting his abuse of Karen Monahan. 

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