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VIDEO: Minnesota Mosque Blasting Neighborhood With The Islamic Call To Prayer – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

VIDEO: Minnesota Mosque Blasting Neighborhood With The Islamic Call To Prayer

Bloomington, MN now being transformed into a Third World looking zone.

Our camera has now documented what a Minnesota mosque is doing to its neighborhood – literally blasting the Islamic call to prayer across a five-block residential area and no one dares to complain.

Another major issue is traffic: the City of Bloomington is refusing the enforce city code despite the fact that traffic levels violate it on a weekly basis.

Four Somalis were indicted in Minnesota for islamic terrorism and all four of them were members of this mosque – Dar-Al-Farooq.

Dar-Al-Farooq has also been instrumental in electing Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison to political offices.

How long will the residents of Bloomington live in fear? Why is the City of Bloomington not enforcing city code even though there is already tons of evidence Dar-Al-Farooq is violating all existing traffic ordinances, putting tremendous stress on the neighborhood and forcing people to move?

How long will Minnesota mainstream media continue to cover for Dar-Al-Farooq even though it was proven this mosque was the fertile ground ISIS found to recruit jihadists?

See for yourself what this Minnesota neighborhood is turning into now that Muslims are in control – literally turning the area into a Third World zone.

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5 Replies to “VIDEO: Minnesota Mosque Blasting Neighborhood With The Islamic Call To Prayer”

  1. Ron B Liebermann

    If you Google “Cultural Depth” this is the official Google response:

    Rethinking Cultural Depth. The issue of whether some culture is “deep” versus “shallow” has been a thorny one in social theory. … Postulating cultural objects that are found at a “deep” level requires we develop a theory that tells us how this happens in the first place (e.g. Parsons and Shils 1951).

    But the Google response is a lie. In fact, the issue of cultural depth has been scrubbed from the net. Cultural depth has two components: Physical and Psychological (if you like, you can add additional subcategories; like Semantic, Socioeconomic, etc.) But the key point is that cultural depth is the way that humans who live in a particular geographic area share not only land; but also meaning. So the kids who live in Minnesota do share that land; that’s the first part. But in order to enjoy cultural depth, they also must share meaning. That means that the caretakers of that land, and its children, must be careful not only to include millions of shared references (like The Flintstones) but also to exclude foreign references that do not cross-reference within that culture and geographical area. (like Mohammed). If you force alien cross-references upon children, what you get is mental illness. There is a famous photo of a little girl who grew-up in refugee camps. She was never offered a culture. The only pictures that she could draw were random circles and lines. Mentally ill people in America, when asked to draw a picture, often can only draw random circles and lines. They’ve been poisoned.

    There is not room in Minnesota for millions of foreigners. These people corrode the culture to such an extent that the native children are injured. That’s why the government is so committed to the idea that “White Pride” is evil. What the government is really saying is that cultural depth “in itself” is evil. Cultural depth to them implies a community of people who are able to make and enforce decisions independently. And if they can do that, they might object to paying high taxes, allowing thier children to be drowned in propaganda, and acting as helpless pawns. It would be a disaster. Millions of government employees could lose their jobs.

  2. Elizabeth McFarland

    The citizens in that town, finding this offensive, should ban together and play , very loudly, The Star Spangled Banner during the mosque’s events. You get what you give! I’m sure many of these people “feel threatened” by the American anthem.

  3. Ryan

    Why is this offensive to you? This is their religious call to prayer. They believe in the same gods you do.

    So in all of your crazy right wing views. Since you want them to stop with their call to prayer. Why not you all stop ringing your bells in the Christian churches. So people don’t have to listen to your Christian call to worship.

    Hypothetical morons if you ask me.

    • Native jo

      I’m native American and ungrateful disrespectful fraudulent entitled rude loud, thriving foreigners have been the problem for us since the beginning. The only difference is, the colonists didn’t force us to pay for their lifestyle choices. Quit being a fool.

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