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The Somali-Muslim hate crimes Minnesota refuses to talk about – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

The Somali-Muslim hate crimes Minnesota refuses to talk about

  • While Muslims commit 90% of the crimes against Christians worldwide, they shamelessly play the victim in Western countries where they enjoy protected class status
  • Somali Muslims hunt down and murder all and any Somalis who become Christians in Somalia – but are ready to lecture us on hate crimes here in America
  • Almost 100% of modern-day terrorism is the work of Muslims waging jihad on the rest of the world, yet Muslims play victims in Western countries

Writing this post is an extremely unpleasant job that no one seems to even want to touch. I wish I didn’t have to do it either. But someone has to step up to the task even if it was solely to honor the memory of the tens of thousands of innocent, nameless (to us) Christian victims of genocide Minnesota refuses to talk about.

This post is about the persecution of Christians in Somalia by Somali Muslims. It should have been written 30 years ago by someone far more qualified than myself. It should have been expanded into research and then into a policy the United States would abide by when it comes to its relationship with Somalia. It should have been integrated into the process of vetting refugees coming into the United States from war-torn countries. But none of this was done. We allowed globalist, out of control politicians to dump tens of thousands of “refugees” into Minnesota, taking advantage of our unsuspecting, welcoming culture and generous welfare programs.

What kind of “refugees” were many of these people? As it turns out, a good number of them were in cahoots with the ruthless dictators of the countries they came from. Like Ilhan “Elmi” Omar’s father for example. The kind of Islamic-Marxist extremists who despise America, its Constitution, culture, way of life and laws. They have nothing but contempt for Christians who they readily butcher in their country. Their attitudes towards the infidels do not change magically on the plane while flying over the Atlantic!

Click on the image to see the full report


Somali Muslims in Somalia hate Somali (and any other) Christians with hatred only Islamic doctrine and history can explain. But they don’t just hate them. They kill them, too. This is the main and only reason there are only couple of hundred Christians in Somalia. The plain truth is that Somali Muslims kill their fellow Somalis as soon as they find out someone has become a Christian.

Ex-Muslims of America posted this video recently with a translation revealing what Somali Muslims are discussing online.

And yet these same Somali Muslims (the ones that hate Christians and kill them) come to Minnesota, declare that they are seeking “refuge” (from what?), gain refugee status without any vetting, plug into this state’s generous welfare system, and start using it and abusing it to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars every year. We now know Somali Muslims steal from Minnesota taxpayers through the Daycare fraud and other DHS run programs.

We also know, thanks to courageous whistleblowers like Scott Stillman, that Somali Muslims from Minnesota fund jihad and tribal wars using money stolen from the DHS welfare programs.

There’s blood on the hands of many Somali Muslims. The enabling silence of the Minnesota intellectual and institutional elite: academic, religious, media and political, has left blood on our hands, too.


In their endless arrogance Somali Muslims have become really good at lecturing us on hate crimes.

Many of them of course have been trained by the Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations). CAIR trains Mulsims in America how to shamelessly play the victim, how to litigate employers into getting special privileges such as prayer breaks and how to land government jobs – all the way to US Congress. Lying, cheating on immigration documents, abusing campaign finance law, deceiving the IRS – you name it, Ilhan Omar has done it. She has been showing her fellow Islamists just how it’s done and just how gutless Americans have become.

And while Somalis have been lecturing us on hate crimes, riding the victim narrative all the way into highest level of our institutions, many of their relatives and friends in Somalia continue to butcher Christians without any consequences whatsoever.

How come we never hear CAIR-MN comment on the fact that Somalia remains one of the worst Muslim persecutors of Christians in the WORLD! When will CAIR-MN comment on those hate crimes?

Will the churches of Minnesota finally start doing what they should have been doing 30, 20 or even 10 years ago, namely educating their members about the history of Islam and the devastation it has brought into the world?

Will churches finally stand up for the persecuted Christians in Somalia and demand justice?

Will our elected officials get informed on these issues and start crafting policies to protect Muslims in America who want to leave Islam but don’t do it because they fear for their lives?

This is what the highly reputable humanitarian organization Open Doors had to say about the treatment Christians get by the “religion of peace” in Somalia:

One of the most shocking statistics from this year’s ‘World Watch List’ of persecuted nations, is the number of believers living in Somalia. While around 11.2 million people live in the war-torn nation on Africa’s east, only about 100 of them are believed to be Christ-followers.

Why is that so shocking?

Because it’s a haunting reminder that once a Somali places their faith in Jesus, they aren’t actually likely to stay alive for long.

“In Somalia, it’s so difficult to even follow Christ that most Christians have been killed,” explained Mike Gore, head of the Christian organization Open Doors. “When you give your life to Christ, more often than not it will cost you your life.”

In 2019 Open Doors reports this:

In seven out of the top 10 World Watch List countries, the primary cause of persecution is Islamic oppression. This means, for millions of Christians—particularly those who grew up Muslim or were born into Muslim families—openly following Jesus can have painful consequences. They can be treated as second-class citizens, discriminated against for jobs or even violently attacked.

More from World Watch Monitor:

Churches are almost non-existent in Somalia, and Catholics would be in danger if they were identified, according to Bishop Giorgio Bertin of Djibouti, who is responsible for the minimal Catholic presence in Mogadishu – but acts from outside the country.

In August last year, the only Catholic church in Somaliland was closed again only one week after it re-opened, while most Christians in Somaliland are expatriates.

But somehow no one in Minnesota seems to be interested in discussing these very real hate crimes.

Rather, the Minnesota pseudo-intellectual academic, political, religious and media establishment is only interested in creating false narratives about “hate” crimes against Muslims.

Take Riham Feshir for example, the Muslim activist posing as MPR reporter.

Riham is so worried about the well-being of the ISIS mosque in Bloomington, she has come out with a hit piece casting Third Rail Talk as an agent of hate. Has she not read MPR’s own coverage of the ISIS trial and the role this same mosque has played in connecting the ISIS recruits?

The mosque at the center of the ISIS trial is namely Dar-Al-Farooq, i.e. the ISIS mosque.

It’s safe to assume Riham Feshir is a Muslima. But it’s not only her name that gives her away. Practically all her published materials syndicated across multiple left-leaning websites are in defense of all things Muslim.

Not a single line critical of anything Muslims have ever done in the past or at present.

Bias much anyone?

I wonder if Riham knows anything about the millions of white slaves Muslims enslaved and sold for centuries?

What about the genocidal persecutions of Christians by Muslims TODAY AND NOW?


It seems to Riham all Muslims are victims of some great Western injustice. So why are they coming to Minnesota if they have it so bad here?

The model “victim” of all victims is of course Dar-Al-Farooq, the ISIS recruitment mosque in Bloomington, MN. The same one that has taken over Smith Park, increased traffic manyfold, and has produced the ISIS terrorists who were convicted in Minnesota in the largest ISIS trial ever in the US.

But Riham doesn’t care about these facts. The “mosquegoers” as she calls them, are all the victims of a terrible thing. They have been…are you ready? FILMED!

Using their First Amendment free speech rights citizen reporters have been documenting how the mosque violates traffic laws on a weekly basis; how the city of Bloomington has been bending over to accomdate the shady operation known as Dar-Al-Farooq and how they blast their Islamic prayers all over the neighborhood.

So getting filmed and documenting what you’re doing to the neighbourhood somehow turns you into a victim?

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, an academic research center that monitors worldwide demographic trends in Christianity, estimates that between the years 2005 and 2015, 900,000 Christians were martyred — an average of 90,000 Christians each year.

Can we finally begin the conversation about real hate crimes, please?

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  1. Mariela

    Yes, if only christians knew history better, if only church goers had a backbone, if only fellow Americans and Canadians are able to kick back, Muslim hipocrasy, leftist ideologies will never sucseed. ” Blind ” people are everywhere. We must be careful not to face them alone, but with the Law, and with other people, companies or intelectuals. Together we are stronger.

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