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Confronting Keith Ellison Public TV Sneak In And Escape FULL STORY – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Confronting Keith Ellison Public TV Sneak In And Escape FULL STORY

Click here to watch the FULL story: https://youtu.be/gisDCwAZHVc

On Friday, Sept. 21, Minnesota citizens led by investigate journalist Laura Loomer gathered in front of the Public Television (TPT) studio in St. Paul ready to confront Keith Ellison about his abuse of Amy Alexander and Karen Monahan. Both cases have been documented and evidence reveals a pattern of abuse Keith Ellison continues to deny.

Our Third Rail Talk camera documented the full story of Ellison sneaking into the TV studio through a back door in an attempt to avoid meeting Laura Loomer and Minnesota voters, as well as the confrontation on his way out when he tried to sneak out but was spotted by one of the protestors.


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2 Replies to “Confronting Keith Ellison Public TV Sneak In And Escape FULL STORY”

  1. P and T

    Help the beautiful state of MN and deport these immigrants who want sharia law and who cause the most problems out of all immigrants. I am referring to Islam. Where is Trump? he said he would deport violent immigrants but yet he let 500 Somalians stay for 18 more months. Also Ilhan and Ellison need to get out of the race. The Muslims act like they built this country. My father was wounded and my uncle died in world war 2 fighting for this country what did Ilhan and Ellison give to this country ?she wasn’t even born here. The Democrats are catering to these people. enough already!! Send all radicals like cair, ISNA, MSA ,Amy Klobuchar, Tina smith etc to gitmo. Traders to America.VOTE Republican!!!!!!!

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