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UPDATED: My Message To Danielle Stella About Her Campaign Against Ilhan Omar – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

UPDATED: My Message To Danielle Stella About Her Campaign Against Ilhan Omar

My message to Danielle Stella, the girl who is running (!?!) against Ilhan Omar.

Just recently Danielle Stella appeared out of the blue on the swampy Minnesota political landscape (mostly on social media) and ever since we’ve been following her non-stop drama.

She made an appearance in our public chat in Telegram as well: http://t.me/thirdrailtalkchat

Danielle I hope you read this!

Many people want a candidate better than Omar to run against her and to win. But you have to know something about running for an office – this isn’t about you (or whoever else runs against Omar)!!!!

It’s about the Constitution, the people and real issues.

And it takes mature, proven, competent and stable individuals to do this, not just keyboard warriors and photo-op queens.

Thus far in this brief chat alone you have clearly come across as incredibly incompetent at best. You don’t know what position you have about Islam which is the elephant in the room. You evade questions and resort to drama.

Again, this isn’t about you!

Yet listening to you it sounds like it’s all about you and your drama.

I call BS!

Do yourself a favor and fold your drama-filled, competency-light campaign ASAP and quit muddying more the already super-swampy swamp of Minnesota politics – which is why we have people like Omar and Ellison in office in the first place!

UPDATED: Only few days after I called BS on Danielle Stella’s fake campaign, she was exposed INTERNATIONALLY

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