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Counter-terrorism Expert Phil Haney: Keith Ellison is The Face of Hamas – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Counter-terrorism Expert Phil Haney: Keith Ellison is The Face of Hamas

Keith Ellison is running to be the top cop in the State of Minnesota. Speaking from a retired law enforcement officer’s perspective, I don’t have to imagine what it might be like to work under somebody like Keith Ellison because I already did during the Obama administration when I ran into a complete disregard for law enforcement protocol and Constitutional principle.

There is in the fact a whole list of things I can bring up which should give everyone in Minnesota a reason to pause and think about what Ellison running for Attorney General means to people here.

First of all is his affiliation with Muslim Brotherhood front groups, for example the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – just think Hamas in suits.

Someone might say, “that’s a bold statement, can you back it with facts”? Yes, it’s called the Holy Land Foundation Trial which concluded successfully 10 years ago in November of 2008, with 102 counts of convictions of 5 individuals for direct financial support of Hamas. It was a network of indviduals and organizations operating around the country, which included the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America – proven front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Some might say, oh well, so what? Well, Keith Ellison has been closely affiliated as a speaker and a front man for CAIR for good 10 years if not longer. He is the promoting and speaking face of Hamas.

Keith Ellison has been closely affiliated as a speaker and a front man for CAIR for good 10 years if not longer. He is the promoting and speaking face of Hamas.

Do we really want someone to become an Attorney General who is closely affiliated with a group that’s globally designated as a terrorist organization? I would say ‘no’.

How about the promotion of ‘sanctuary cities’? He says he will declare Minnesota a ‘sanctuary state’! That’s unconstitutional according to Amendment 14 of the United States Constitution that no state can pass a law that denies or abrogates the rights of citizens. And I think that we would all agree that creating sanctuary cities for the benefit of one class of people, would take away or abrogate the rights of citizens of that state. So it’s unconstitutional. Same with open borders and same shutting down ICE.

Keith Ellison supports ANTIFA. We have pictures of him promoting ANTIFA, which is a leftist violent group. They are protesting in Washington right now, I just looked at the headlines, it’s chaos in DC right now over the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. That would be ANTIFA. I call them the APLS – Antifa Progressive Lefits Socialists. Bad apples. They are not supporters of the Constitution. I’m not criticizing their right to protest and speak out but when you do it, the way our country was founded, it’s with the understanding that you would do it according to Constitutional principles.

These groups want to change, overthrow, get rid of the boundaries established by law. They are not seeking the build up the community, they are seeking to destroy it and they say it quite plainly.

These are just few of the concerns.

Then of course the big one right now are the domestic abuse allegations from multiple women which are in the headlines almost every day lately.

I see Keith Ellison as very vulnerable, kind of like a deer in the middle of a field. We’re like a helicopter making sure we’re keeping the spotlight on him.

Because if these things were not true, I’d be glad to be wrong. But it would be easy for the media to research these things and find out that as a matter of fact, I’m not wrong. If anything, I’m understating it.

I mentioned earlier I am a retired law enforcement office. I used to track people like Keith Ellison and the organizations he is affiliated with for years and years until that information was eliminated by the Obama administration. And I mean literally eliminated.

You can watch the rest of ThirRailTalk’s interview with Phil Haney here: https://www.facebook.com/thirdrailtalk/videos/2099960430056565/

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    • Bonnie loranger

      Absolutely. But who is doing anything about it apart from people like Heiny.Can Jeff Session do something about it. Where has justice gone in America.

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