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Racist Ilhan Omar: “Our Country Should Be More Fearful Of White Men!” – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Racist Ilhan Omar: “Our Country Should Be More Fearful Of White Men!”

  • Omar speaking to Al-Jazeera makes the most racist statement without flinching
  • Racism comes natural to her, was she brainwashed by her handlers? Her father?
Racist Ilhan Omar: “Our Country Should Be More Fearful Of White Men!”

A most racist statement made by Ilhan Omar has emerged on the Internet. In an interview on Al Jazeera, Omar is being asked about the concerns conservatives in the US have over jihadist terrorism in the United States such as the attack in New York, San Bernardino, and Fort Hood. In response she says:

“I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country. We should be profiling, monitoring and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men!”

Seriously, can you imagine any conservative saying something like “our country should be more fearful of black men?” It wouldn’t be too exaggerated to say that the political career of someone like this would be over pretty quickly.

But not Ilhan Omar and the likes of her. Using racist language seems to come pretty natural to her.

Who brainwashed her to a point where racism seems to be second nature to her? Her father was a trained propagandist for the Somali Communist dictatorship. Is he the one who trained her? Or her handlers from the Muslim Brotherhood?

Don’t believe it?

See it for yourself right here:

Who is the racist now?

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3 Replies to “Racist Ilhan Omar: “Our Country Should Be More Fearful Of White Men!””

  1. Carol Peterson

    SC GOP 7th Congressional District is on FB & interested in Third Rail Talk news. I tried to send Ilhan’s “be fearful of white men” interview with Al Jazeera to SC GOP 7th Congressional District but did not succeed. I will see what else I can do but maybe you can help. I’d like to send them the Mosque Diary Videos and will try to do that today but that is (I think) a Third Rail exclusive. Thanks, Carol Peterson

  2. Bill Charette Sr

    This means that omar views white men in the same way white men viewed black people back in the 1800’s Frankly coming from “her” I feel complimented. I just consider the source and I feel better about myself and all other “whites” in America. We are surely doing things correctly in America at present. MAGA

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