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REVEALED: Keith Ellison Kept Breaking Traffic Laws As US Congressman – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

REVEALED: Keith Ellison Kept Breaking Traffic Laws As US Congressman

  • Keith Ellison’s traffic law violations were a major issue for him before he ran for US Congress in 2006.
  • His driver’s license was suspended. 
  • Public records reveal his pattern of reckless behavior continued. 
  • Minnesota media – not a word about it.

In addition to unpaid taxes to the IRS, Keith Ellison’s many traffic tickets became one of the issues for him when he ran for US Congress the first time. Scott Johnson from Powerline has written about it as far back as 2006 when Ellison first ran for US Congress. Back then Ellison’s driver’s licence was suspended even at one point. This whole summer Ellison has been driven around by other people to various events which has had some of us wondering if his driver’s license isn’t suspended again

State records also show that Ellison has received nine traffic tickets for moving violations since January of 2000.

Scott Johnson, July 7, 2006 

But what happened after Keith Ellison became a US Congressman? Did anything change in how he treats traffic law? Let’s take a look. 

A quick Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records search on the MN Judicial Branch website (mncourts.gov) revealed the following publicly available information:

Keith Ellison kept breaking Traffic Law as US Congressman

Looks like Keith Ellison has had ten traffic law violations between 2006 when he became a US Congressman and 2016. 

One can say that compared to getting nine in six years back in the day, Ellison is doing better. But then again, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Something tells me that if Doug Wardlow had the exact same record and Keith Ellison had none, we might be hearing both from Keith Ellison and establishment Minnesota media how “dangerous” Doug Wardlow is. When it comes to Ellison though, it’s as if the media had undergone one of CAIR’s “sensitivity trainings” and have been retrained not to report on problematic discoveries when it comes to candidates like Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar. Who knows, pointing out traffic violations record might be deemed racist and Islamophobic, too?

In the mean time, the Minneapolis Police Union has publicly warned Minnesotans about Keith Ellison.  A must watch video: https://www.facebook.com/DougWardlowforAG/videos/2165459063774539/

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