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The City of Bloomington: Deception, Incompetence, Or Something Else? – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

The City of Bloomington: Deception, Incompetence, Or Something Else?

The Mosque Diaries is a citizen media project attempting to draw attention to serious violations of the law in the city of Bloomington, Minnesota’s 5th largest.

These city code violations have been committed for many years by Dar-Al-Farooq, a Minnesota mosque with proven ties to Muslim jihadists.

While we believe it is the job of law enforcement to investigate the mosque for their role in producing over 30 jihadists (3 of them going to jail on charges of terrorism), we also believe that any citizen media has the right to raise questions of importance to the community. The importance of this project is even more evident given the persistent refusal of the mainstream media in Minnesota to expose the mosque’s violations of city code.

The release of Episode 1 sent the mosque and its ideological allies on the left scrambling for ways to shut down our production. Leftist activists with ties to the Democrat Party began letter-writing campaigns to the FBI, the Minnesota Attorney General and other authorities, asking them to intervene and to have our video removed from YouTube. These actions, meant to stifle free speech, are as troubling as they are revealing of the mindset driving the Muslims propagandists. They clearly do not want us asking questions that might lead to serious consequences if the law was to be followed in Minnesota.

In this episode we would like to turn out attention to the role of the City of Bloomington in allowing this situation to deteriorate to where it is today.

When we first started filming on December 14th 2018, our goal was to document the amount of traffic taking place on a weekly basis around the time of prayer – a clear violation of city code that’s been going on for years. No one was expecting us. The Muslims were clearly caught off guard. But as puzzling as our presence was to them, they probably didn’t expect to see us come back on the following week, on December 21st, doing the exact same thing – filming the excessive amount of traffic! Traffic that shouldn’t be there if city code was to be applied correctly.

As soon as our camera approached the building the situation escalated quickly. The Muslims wanted to know why is there filming going on, stating over and over again they consider the public property around the mosque as their own. Is it because their supremacist ideology teaches them to take over the property of infidels?

Why are the Muslims treating public property as their own?

Why are they restricting access to areas that must remain accessible to the public at all times under the conditional use permit? Why are they not educated on the limitations conditional use permits place on such property?

Do these people even have any concept what public property means and the fact that freedom of speech on public property in the United States is protected by the US Constitution?

Our guess is not since they consider Islamic Law (Sharia) to be supreme in regard to the Constitution. This is clearly taught by Islam and the imams at Dar-Al-Farooq. They even have Islamic courts and so-called “jurisprudence” which basically is creating a parallel state-within-the-state, something the Muslims have been doing for 1,400 years of Islamic history. Muslims don’t assimilate anywhere precisely because they have contempt for laws made by “infidels”, the US Constitution included.

The public property issue in the case of Dar-Al-Farooq has serious implications that go even beyond free speech. This has to do with the very fact that Muslims are taking over public property and appropriating it as their own. It is absolutely unacceptable under the laws of Minnesota and the United States.

Now let’s turn our attention to the City of Bloomington. What is the City doing about Dar-Al-Farooq’s out of control behavior?

All evidence points to the City basically assisting the Muslims in their plan to appropriate public land and funds.

Most recently the City of Bloomington approved plans to build additional access to the Smith Park parking lot using public funds! Why is the city using public funds to build access to the parking lot no one needs except for the Muslims on Friday when they flood the area with traffic during prayer hours?

The harsh reality is that for years the City of Bloomington has been blatantly ignoring the complaints of residents relative to the Muslims violating city code.

Based on evidence presented to our team by members of the community we can safely say that Gene Winstead, the Mayor of Bloomington is well acquainted with the complaints by residents regarding the increased levels of traffic, noise, parking violations and the way Muslims have taken over Smith Park.

What has the mayor done about all this? He doesn’t seem to have done anything to apply city code to these violations. It appears that he is actively enabling the takeover. Is he really aiding and abetting the Muslims? Or is he just incredibly incompetent and doesn’t know how to apply city code? Or maybe he is threatened and intimidated by a mosque which has produced over 30 jihadists?

We’re not quite sure but one thing that has become clear is that the City seems to be doing a very poor job in training the Bloomington Police force in regard to issues surrounding Dar-Al-Farooq.

We experienced this first hand.

As already stated, Dar-Al-Farooq has a conditional use permit under which permit the public is allowed 24-7 access on the property in front of the mosque and around it. Access to Smith Park, which is a public property, as well as other sections of property around the building, cannot be restricted by the mosque at any time. However, the Muslims completely disregard this and try to intimidate people who approach their building threatening them with calling the police.

This is exactly what they did with our crew when we went there to film on December 21st.

To their shock, however, the officer who arrived at the scene clearly upheld our right to film, affirmed the fact we are standing on public property, and ordered the Muslims to leave the camera man alone. Having heard the police officer uphold our right to film on public property, and having it on tape, we came back to film the traffic levels at Dar-Al-Farooq on Friday December 28th.

This was now the third consecutive week of filming the traffic at Dar-Al-Farooq and the Muslims became very upset. Our mosque filming diary was getting filled with some very interesting findings. We realized the Muslims are not used to being held accountable. They don’t like it for someone to document week after week how they violate city code.

The police report about the December 28th filming shows that as soon as our camera approached their building Muslims began to flood the police station with calls, creating fake panic and fear about nothing.

The officers who arrived at the scene under the leadership of Officer Troy Meyer had a very different take on the situation compared to the officer who handled the exact same situation at the exact same property the previous week. Unlike the officer from December 21st who clearly upheld our right to film, these officers had something very different in mind. Officer Meyer announced they were there to investigate a possible crime and demanded members of our team to turn in their driver’s licenses and identify ourselves. At the advice of our attorney who was at the scene, we provided the officers with our IDs while they kept asking us if we knew more about this mosque and what has been going on there.

To our shock, as we were leaving the scene, an unmarked vehicle approached one of our team members and began taking pictures of him. We were definitely treated with hostility.

Who is the Bloomington police protecting? All citizens or just the Muslims?

Why is the City of Bloomington not educating the officers about the fact that the property Dar-Al-Farooq is operating on (the mosque doesn’t even own this property legally, they are just tenants) is using a conditional use permit, and this means they can’t restrict access to public areas, including access to sidewalks and Smith Park?

Is the City of Bloomington committed to the protection of our First Amendment rights? Why is the City of Bloomington not defending and upholding the free speech rights of Americans on public property?

Even though owned by a private, commercial and out-of-state entity (not the “mosque”) this property and its tenants can only operate under a conditional use permit! This means that First Amendment rights apply on it just as they would on any public property.

Why is the City of Bloomington not educating all officers about this issue and why are some officers out to attack citizens who exercise their free speech rights?

Last but not least as we were leaving the scene of the December 28th filming, we ended up being followed by a man in a heavy, jihadist looking beard for several blocks until he finally left us alone when our camera approached him and started filming him up close. This confirmed our worst suspicions that Dar-Al-Farooq still seems to be a hotbed of jihadists who if allowed, will not flinch and will attack whoever dares to set foot on what they consider their property.

While this episode was in production, we were made aware of yet another incident which occurred just recently during the month of May while the mosque was hosting large and very noisy night Ramadan gatherings at the mosque. One of the residents was documenting the traffic when the mosque called the police yet again. When the officer from the Bloomington Police Department arrived, he made it clear that he is being told by the City of Bloomington that the mosque owns the land, while showing complete ignorance of the fact the mosque operates on the property under a conditional use permit.

But who does actually own the property where the mosque is operating a federally funded charter school, an Islamic financial scheme and amongst others, preaching Sharia Law?

Mayor Gene Winstead has been telling the people of the City of Bloomington that the property is owned by Dar-Al-Farooq, supposedly a “mosque”. Is it really?

Why hasn’t Mayor Winstead informed the city who is the real owner of the property? Does he know who the real owner of the building is? Is he covering up this fact from the people of the city of Bloomington? Or is he that incompetent that he doesn’t know how to perform due dillegence and how to correctly document the dealings of the city with the real owner of the property on 8201 Park Ave South?

This and more coming up next in Episode 3 of the Mosque Diaries!

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  1. Clam

    Take the address of the property or any property in Hennepin county
    and turn to the Hennepin county real estate tax base and see who actually owns the stuff if they’re paying taxes in hand
    Also should state what the property sold for recently

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