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Minnesota Elects The First Muslim Attorney General In The History Of The United States – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Minnesota Elects The First Muslim Attorney General In The History Of The United States

Keith Ellison went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where he met with dangerous Saudi individuals. Who will he be meeting with as Minnesota’s Attorney General?

Keith Ellison has now become the first Muslim Attorney General in the history of the United States. No information can be found of another Muslim to have ever been a state Attorney General in any other state ever until this point. Minnesota not unlike Michigan has become the launching pad for Muslims into the political arena.

Keith Ellison’s political career has already made history. In 2002 he became the first Muslim to be elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives. In 2006 – the first Muslim congressman in the US Congress.

Laura Loomer confronting Keith Ellison on September 4, 2018, with the police report from his assault against Amy Alexander. Will she now have to be afraid of coming to Minnesota in the future? Minnesota media has mostly covered up Ellison’s history of domestic abuse.

Now he has become the first Muslim State Attorney General in the history of the United States.

The Attorney General of Minnesota is supposed to be “the people’s attorney”. However, Keith Ellison is seriously beholden to certain groups. One such group are the Somalis in Minnesota. Ellison openly credits the Somalis for saving his 2006 campaign for US Congress. He was also seen making the rounds with the local Somali community and Muslims clerics this year, looking for their support. A dangerous Muslim missionary from Egypt who leads the controversial mosque in Bloomington, has been openly campaigning for Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar. It is also a known fact that Muslims receive voting instructions from the imams at their mosques.

Egyptian imam Waleed Al-Meneese leads the mosque in Burnsville. He has publically mobilized Muslims to vote for Ellison. Are we to believe Ellison is not beholden to this man? Somali youth from the Bloomington mosque Dar Al-Farooq have been radicalized and have gone on to fight as jihadis. Fundamentalist imams like Al-Meneese openly teach Sharia – it’s right on the website of the mosque he leads.

So whose Attorney General will Keith Ellison be now that he has managed to survive the domestic abuse allegations, his support for Antifa, the Nation of Islam and his anti-semitic rhetoric in the past? Only time will tell but if his overtures to Minnesota’s Muslims, his demands for Amazon to pull books critical of Islam off their shelves, and his dismissal of the Daycare fraud scandal are any pointers, freedom-loving Minnesotans should brace for 4 years of a totally new style of AG agenda.

What are we to expect from the first Muslim Attorney General in the history of Minnesota and the United States?

  • Various types of abuses of the office of AG, specifically with politicizing its functions. Ellison has vowed to use the MN AG office to wage war against President Trump, which he will be able to do for the next four years, well past the presidential elections of 2020.
  • Impact on the Police Force. The Minneapolis Police Union president Lt. Bob Kroll and other law enforcement officers held a press conference in St. Paul on Friday, November 2nd. They discussed Keith Ellison’s radical past and his support of cop killers and other criminals. The Minneapolis Police Union took an unprecedented step to show their support and endorsement of Doug Wardlow for Minnesota Attorney General. Minnesota media did not report on this event. If the same had been done against Doug Wardlow, it’s safe to assume all mainstream news media would have been blasting the news 24/7 for days. Keith Ellison? Total information blackout. Potentially there might be resignations from various departments. Future recruitment might also be affected.
  • Muslim protectionism. Keith Ellison has openly admitted he has worked hard on ensuring the smooth operation of cash transfers from Minnesota to Somalia. The mainstream media is now colluding with him on this. He will probably renew these efforts and will work in cooperation with CAIR MN to use guilt and shaming until he forces commercial institutions to resume money transfers to terrorist Somalia.
  • Hostility against Christians and Jews. The most extreme thing Ellison and Democrats could find about Doug Wardlow was the fact that he worked for Alliance Defending Freedom. Wow! It is now “extreme” to work for a perfectly legitimate organization defending the constitutional rights of Americans, more specifically freedom of speech. If this is any clue for how we should read Ellison, it’s a very troubling clue indeed. Ellison might try to go after critics of Islam, sharia preaching imams like Waleed Al-Meneese, and critics of CAIR MN (unindicted terrorist co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial). Muslims are being taught by the Quran that Jews and Christians have corrupted Islam and are therefore infidels worth something only if they convert to Islam. Jews and Christians who lay low and don’t say anything critical of Muslims will not have issues with Ellison. Those who dare to criticize Islam should be concerned. The Quran disregards man’s laws and teaches that opposition to Islam is a grave sin. Ellison might use his powers to target people and organizations who dare to be critical of Islam, Muslims and their organizations. 

There might be other concerns relative to how Keith Ellison will perform as the first Muslim Attorney General in the history of Minnesota and the United States. The worst thing would be for us to be fearful and quiet about Ellison’s potential abuse of office. The above shouldn’t be considered anything but an attempt to analyze the piles of information we already have about Keith Ellison and his political career. Had the mainstream media done their job instead of hanging murals of candidates on their wall, worshipping at the feet of their multicultural utopia, more people in Minnesota would have been better informed and would have voted Keith Ellison into oblivion. He is now the Minnesota Attorney General-elect. Like all other government officials in a free country, his actions can be and should be monitored by fearless citizen journalists who don’t defy the information blackout imposed on Minnesota by the mainstream media. The question is, are there any such people and organizations left in this state?

This remains to be seen. 

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5 Replies to “Minnesota Elects The First Muslim Attorney General In The History Of The United States”

  1. Patricia

    I believe this was illegal voting. is anyone looking into this? Kieth Ellison a radical along with Ilhan Omar The Democratic Party are anti American. Ilhan Omar was not even born in the USA. We will soon see no-go zones along with kicking and poisoning dogs etc etc… We are the next Sweden, Germany, France. This has got to stop in this beautiful state of MN. This is a nightmare.

    Dog Wardlow should have won.

    • Jeremy Wales

      Hello Patricia, Yes, I had hoped Doug Wardlow would have won. I had read today that there is a problem with the “middleman”. When a county is through voting the voting data goes to this middleman. This group, or individual is located in a different country. Imagine that? So our legitimate votes are basically traded for bogus ones. Like I say, I just came across this today. I can dig up this info if you’d like. Love and light to you, I’m a Minnesotan, too. I had guessed you are as well.

  2. Cici

    Hahahaha, it’s a little hypocritical of you to post this anti-Saudi Arabia stuff now that your beloved leader has admitted he’s in their pocket and is sucking up to them endlessly! How awkward for you. 🙂

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