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Twitter Bans University Of Glasgow Prof. For Criticism Of Womb Transplants…In Transsexual Men! – Third Rail Talk thirdrailtalk.com

Twitter Bans University Of Glasgow Prof. For Criticism Of Womb Transplants…In Transsexual Men!

Prof. Alessandra Aster has been permanently banned from Twitter for her criticism of womb transplants in men’s bodies.

Prof. Allesandra Asteriti has a question for Twitter:

Hey Twitter why do you suspend women who express feminist opinions but allow men that threaten women with rape and death to remain on Twitter?

Prof. Astriti is a researcher at the University of Glasgow. She was permanently suspended by Twitter for expressing her criticism of the idea some in the medical community are pushing: transplanting wombs into men’s bodies.

If you are having hard time believing this information, check out this article from 2017. Advocating for womb transplants for transsexuals is now a “thing”. You really can’t make this stuff up!

Just how degenerate have some in the medical community become? Is it madness or money causing these individuals masquerading as medical professionals to endorse such insanity?

Prof. Allesandra Asteriti – banned on Twitter for criticizing the idea of allowing womb transplants for transsexual men.

I’m guessing these are some of the questions that must have been rolling through Prof. Asteriti’s head before she expressed her criticism of such ideas on Twitter.

The results?

She got permanently suspended on Twitter.

Social media, one of the greatest scientific inventions since the Internet itself was invented, is being used to destroy our freedom of speech by the very creators of social media companies.

The consequences of this can be profound.

Our publication Third Rail Talk is now permanently banned on Facebook and Twitter. To the best of our knowledge we are the first and only Minnesota citizen media banned on the two largest social media platforms. No explanation was given about which specific tweet or post violated a specific guideline. However, Facebook did send us a warning couple of months ago that our page might get unpublished due to…you guess it, “hate speech”! And what does this really mean? Informing the community of things such as a mosque in the city of Bloomington violating city code on a weekly basis for years and the city enabling it. This is “hate speech” to the Marxist Left as clearly seen in the letters they have been writing to the authorities in an attempt to shut us down.

The strategy of Muslims and Leftists seems to be working – for now. From a small Minnesota citizen media raising concerns over city code violations to professors at European universities voicing their criticism of the idea of womb transplants for transgender men, Twitter and Facebook are out to squash “hate” as they understand it. To us they are destroying freedom of speech without which you can’t have Liberty.

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